We are open for Delivery and Pick-Up daily from 11 – 11.

If you are picking up we encourage you to take advantage of our CURB SIDE pick-up by texting 403-926-5220 when you arrive with your order name, a description of your person or your car and we will run your food out to you when it’s ready!

What we are doing to help “prevent the spread”

We have always taken our cleanliness and sanitation procedures very seriously but have used this opportunity to implement even stricter protocols for our building and our team to ensure both our staff and our guests are safe as we navigate this virus.

We have been relying on information from Alberta Health Services and Health Canada to ensure both our team and our guests are safe in our building and at home.

Our team has been taking this information very seriously and everyone has assisted in implementing new protocols. We are all going above and beyond what is being recommended for food service to ensure we are creating a safe and healthy environment for you and for us.

Below is a list of steps we have taken to ensure the highest possible safety and cleanliness standards are being met by our team:

  • Our staff are washing their hands as soon as they enter our building and leaving all outside clothing and personal belongings in our staff room.
  • Our prep team are all wearing gloves and changing them out for every new task as well as washing their hands between prep tasks.
  • As well as cleaning as we go, we have also implemented a two stage sanitizing process of all our food and guest areas every hour; this includes all surfaces, door handles, light switches etc. We are also sanitizing our pick up area after each guest as much as possible.
  • We have a list of very in-depth cleaning and sanitation protocols for each department that is being overseen by our management team to ensure these are being followed.
  • In order to limit the amount of contact our staff have with other people outside of work we are providing a ride home for all our staff who would normally rely on public transit.
  • We have asked all our staff to limit their contact with others outside our business and are providing daily staff meals so staff don’t have to go to the grocery store unless absolutely necessary.
  • No one who is feeling unwell is allowed to come to work and must be cleared by 811 before returning to work.
  • Our delivery drivers are sanitizing their bags and vehicles between all orders and are wearing new gloves for each delivery.

As we get new information from Alberta Health Services and feedback from our staff and guests we are updating our protocols as needed to help keep our staff and Calgary safe while providing the pizza everyone loves.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at contact@unapizzeria.com

What you can do to help us?

  • Please pick up alone if possible. Fewer bodies in our small space is appreciated.
  • Consider our curb side pick-up. Text us when you arrive at 403-926-5220 with your order name, a description of your person or your vehicle and we will run your order out to you!
  • Please consider debit or credit. We will accept cash but would prefer not to handle it at this time.
  • Please respect a Safe Social Distance. We have markers to make it easy.